Paola is a recipient of an award from the Sunflower Foundation for Lake Miola Trail

Sunflower Foundation awards more than $560,000 for KS Trails!

Paola: Lake Miola Trail connector
The City of Paola will build a 1.4-mile, 8-foot wide crushed limestone connector trail, completing a 7.5-mile long trail system around Lake Miola, a popular recreation site for the town and visitors. Among the project’s supporters is the Paola Pathways task force, representing diverse stakeholders and a strong volunteer coalition. Grant amount: $9,022

Sunflower Foundation awards more than $560,000 for Kansas Trails:

Sunflower Foundation awards more than $560,000 for Kansas trails!

Iola: King of Trails Bridge connector
Working with Thrive Allen County, the City of Iola will oversee construction and installation of a 150-foot long pedestrian truss bridge over Elm Creek. The bridge will connect the vast majority of Iola’s residential and commercial development to a growing recreational area, which includes the Lehigh Portland Trails. The bridge will also enable more the 700 employees of an industrial park on the south side of Elm Creek to walk or bike to work. Grant amount: $30,000