Valley View Elk Ranch

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27640 NW Jewel Road, Garnett, Anderson County 66032 |38.298331 -95.341247|
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We are a small family farm in rural Anderson County. Raising elk has allowed us to make the best use of our small acreage, and blessed us with the delight of caring for these majestic animals. During the summer months, we attend farmers’ markets three times a week in two different towns. We also sell meat at the farm year round. We enjoy giving guided tours of our operation. For a small fee, we offer a tram ride for a close up look of the elk. Afterwards, there’s a chance to taste a few of our ready-to-eat items and to purchase any of our products. June is the best time for viewing the frisky calves and October brings the rut and bugling bulls. Please call ahead to schedule an experience that educational and intriguing.